2013 Groups

Group A (Pitch 1 & 2)
Kubb Snipers
Ice Ice Kubbs
New Kubbs with the Block
Ogre and Company
Group B (Pitch 3 & 4)
The Camp Hasslers
Settler of Baton
Base Neighbs and the Ponds
Group C (Pitch 5 & 6)
X Kubbed
Sporting Wood
Kubbilicious Maximus
Hangin’ with Mr. Kubber
Group D (Pitch 7 & 8)
The Ringers
Zhateau Berzerkerz
Team One Horn
Kubbin’ Missile Crisis
Group E (Pitch 9 & 10) 
John Kubbar Mellencamp
McDonald Driver Burgers
Group F (Pitch 11 & 12)
Team Sweden
Pitch Wizards
Kubb de Grace
Main Kubbtraction
Group G (Pitch 13 & 14)
The Relentless Kastpinnars
Pitch Slap
Illesota Poets
Midwest Kubb Killers
Group H (Pitch 15 & 16)
Rainy Day Kubb
Tape a Cheetah to Her back
Thief River Falls Kubb
Group I (Pitch 17 & 18)
Kingdom Kubbers
Knordic Knights
Kubbra Kai
Beer in Hand
Group J (Pitch 19 & 20)
Team Knockerheads


3 Kubbateers
Group K (Pitch 21 & 22)
Team Kubboom
Team Surly!
Group L (Pitch 23 & 24)
Kubby Doo
Kubbla Khan
Motley Krubb
Kubbic Pair
Group M (Pitch 25 & 26)
Lakerol Originals
Zorbaz Berzerkerz
Von Trapp Family Slingers
The Stanley Kubbrichs