Third Annual Kübb Kråwl – May, 2018


Think choose your own adventure meets the Barkley Marathons meets scavenger hunt meets kubb. 2018 registration information coming soon.

The Deets

What is the Kubb Krawl?

A joint venture between the St. Paul Kubb Society and Minnesota Kubb, the Kubb Krawl is a party on wheels. The event is a fun-first tournament geared at those who like fun. Remember fun? We do. Explore the Twin Cities through kubb with trains, beer, bikes, ballparks, bars & restaurants in a way only Minneapolis and St. Paul can offer.

How does it work?

Every year is a different, one-of-a-kind event. That’s part of the fun. Your team is given a lanyard the morning of the Kubb Krawl with the locations and times for your matches (see sample lanyard schedule below). In the past teams have been given things like MetroTransit Day Passes, Pedal Pub rides, and bus rides (at no additional cost) with stops along the way to play kubb! Results are collected by our incredible team of volunteers at each venue with championship matches played during a big ol’ kubb party at our last stop. In 2016 the Krawl ended at CHS Field, home of the Saint Paul Saints. In 2017 the Krawl ended at The Commons Park at U.S. Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings.


The Ending Party

The ending party is free and open to the public. You need not be a Kubb Krawl participant to attend. Additional kubb pitches are set up for non-Kubb Krawl participants. Free kubb sets and other goodies are raffled off. Each year features live music, food trucks, and a variety of tasty beers. Yee-haw!

Kubb Krawl Venues

You. Kubb. These incredible venues.

Target Field Plaza Station

Target Field Station

All teams will begin at this beautiful urban green space to kickoff the event together.

CHS Field

The State Capitol

Marquette Plaza

Marquette Plaza

Host site of the Minnesota Kubb Open, Marquette Plaza is one of the most unique and breathtaking venues for kubb anywhere in the world.

Gold Medal Park

Gold Medal Park

A stones throw from the Mississippi River and the Guthrie Theater, Gold Medal park features a 32 foot hill inspired by the Dakota Indians. Don’t miss the spiral walk to the top.

The Commons Park

All roads rails lead to The Commons Park! It’s a Kubb Rendezvous in the shadow of U.S. Bank Stadium.


The Beginning. Although society has labeled Minneapolis & St. Paul twins, these two cities of our metro are far from identical. While we venture to paint a picture of accord, there’s a river of passive-aggressive tumult running between us. Us and them. Them and us. In order to help us unify once and for all here is what we need to do. A kubb tournament! Yep, kubb. As we ALL know kubb brings people together and creates peace on earth, so let’s bury the hatchets, let bygones be bygones, forgive and forget and just all kubb and make up.

2016. St. Paul Kubb Society & Minnesota Kubb, along with Summit Brewing, CHS Field, The Saint Paul Saints and the Minnesota Twins are bringing the Twin Cities together with a day of kubb, beer, rails, bikes, hip bars and the most beautiful venues in each city. A true urban kubb experience. City to city, ballpark to ballpark. No other city (or cities) in the world can pull this off like Minneapolis and St. Paul, our Twin Cities.

2017. This year’s Krawl focuses on all that Minneapolis has to offer. Less travel time means more kubb and a deeper dive into Minneapolis. 50 Teams finish a great day with a party at the Commons Park in the shadow of U.S. Bank Stadium! Great beer, great music, great kubb in this one-of-kind venue.