What Is Kubb

Poke around the internet and you’ll read kubb is a Swedish lawn game possibly dating back to days of Viking conquest. More practically, you’ll learn kubb is a game played between two teams attempting to knock over the opposition’s kubbs and finally the king to win the game. All of this is true. At Minnesota Kubb we believe the game is more than that.

We believe kubb strengthens communities and connections with each other. Kubb bridges racial, economic, and generational divides through collaboration and teamwork. While mastering kubb is difficult, learning kubb is quite easy. So why play kubb over other sports? We believe the answer is simple – what makes kubb more than a lawn game is the process of learning the game itself. Players must work together, discovering improved ways to play and new strategies. Individuals talk out and learn that compromise will most benefit their team. When this all comes together, children and adults alike experience what kubb truly is – a way to connect with each other.

Kubb Rules! from SkyMotion Media on Vimeo.