2012 Loppet Tournament

Kubbnation Magazine and Minnesota Kubb congratulate the Kubb Snipers, champions of the 2012 Loppet Kubb Tournament!

2012 Loppet Kubb Champions Chad Parsons (Bib #1) & Chad Bevers (Bib #2) © Mike Jackelen

The 2012 Minnesota Loppet Kubb tournament played out over nearly 10 hours of kubb on Saturday, February 4th. Beginning at 11am with 32 teams in a round robin and ending with the strike of the final king just before 9pm, the Kubb Tournament was the longest event of the weekend, testing players stamina, skill, and adaptability. Varying conditions kept competitors on their toes as the day unfolded. Early morning pitches were still frozen while afternoon games took place on a wet/muddy mix thanks to the unseasonably warm weather leading up to and during the tournament.

The knockout phase began with the 32 teams playing in their respective brackets. Several Championship Bracket games finished in less than 20 minutes, allowing teams to explore the Loppet and catch their breath between matches. Other games came down to the wire. Two experienced and very solid teams clashed in the round of 16 as Team Fjader of Iowa outlasted the Wolfpack from Minnesota in one of the tournament’s most evenly matched matches.

The quarterfinals were set as long shadows covered the remaining pitches. Familiar faces remained as many of the experienced teams were able to navigate their way to the last 8. However, an exception this year was first time participants Suk Face of St. Paul who nearly made the semifinals, bowing out to the eventual champions. Chaska natives 2 Pump Chumps came right down to the wire moving past Team Fjader in three games to make the final four.

The Loppet Kubb Tournament final four is like no other tournament. Two pitches were set up near the start/finish area of the Loppet ski races. Lanterns lit the pitches as participants wore Loppet Kubb Tournament bibs similar to the ones skiers wore throughout the weekend. As the sun set thousands of Luminary Loppet participants began their walk through Theodore Wirth Park guided by seemingly endless rows of luminaries. The Minneapolis skyline shined in the background as last year’s champion Sweden’s Sons battled hard against the Kubb Snipers in a matchup of Wisconsin teams. The Kubb Snipers were able to attack Sweden’s Sons baseline kubbs and moved on to the championship match. In the other semifinal matchup, 2 Pump Chumps outlasted Los Padres of Des Moines, a team who had battled hard all day and certainly deserved their top 4 finish.

The Championship was set. As Luminary Loppet participants flowed through the finish line, many stopped to watch 2 Pump Chumps and the Kubb Snipers battle it out by lantern light. Game one turned into a grinder with both baselines eliminated. Field kubbs went back and forth until 2 Pump Chumps moved up, took them out, and won game one. Game two showed how dangerous a team like Kubb Snipers can be when playing at their best. The king went down after two turns and it was on to a decisive game three to determine the championship. 2 Pump Chumps bounced right back and fought hard as game three looked a lot like game one. Numerous field kubbs went back and forth until the Kubb Snipers were given the opportunity to move up with a field kubb left standing in their half of the pitch. The Kubb Snipers didn’t miss their chance. With all kubbs down, the Kubb Snipers lined up the king and knocked it down to become the 2012 City of Lakes Loppet Kubb Tournament Champions.

MN’s Loppet 2012 Recap video features kubb!


Champions – Kubb Snipers (Appleton, WI)
2nd Place – 2 Pump Chumps (Chaska, MN)
3rd Place – Sweden’s Sons (Eau Claire/Chippewa Falls, WI)
4th Place – Los Padres (Des Moines, IA)

Consolation Bracket

1st Place – NW MN Kubb (Thief River Falls, MN)
2nd Place – Zorbaz ON The Lake (Park Rapids, MN)
T-3rd Place – Show Us Your Horns (Minneapolis, MN)
T-3rd Place – Alltid Voltom (Twin Cities, MN)

Round Robin Results

Sponsor: Kubb Nation Magazine

Photography: Madphotostudio

Volunteers: Rachel Goplin, Sarah Wray, Shaun Laden, Vicky Goplin, Howard Goplin, Mike Jackelen, Becca Ruiz, Raulie Ruiz, Jill Johnson, Jake Freeberg, and Danielle Claseman.

Press: Southwest Journal, Vita.mn

Thanks to John Munger, Cristy Leaf, Mike Erickson and all the other dedicated, hard-working people at the City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation. Special thanks to Mary Selke at Surly Brewing.

Round Robin

(3-0) Sweden’s Sons – Eau Claire, WI
(1-2) Show us you horns – Minneapolis, MN
(0-3) Hagerman Lake Kubb Club – St. Paul, MN
(2-1) Coots – Rosemount/Eagan, MN

(0-3) Lingon Lobers – Minneapolis, MN
(2-1) The Swedish Bikini Team – Minneapolis, MN
(3-0) Team Sweden – Minneapolis, MN
(1-2) Zorbaz ON The Lake – Mounds View, MN

(2-1) 2 Pump Chumps – Chaska, MN
(3-0) Kubb Snipers – Appleton, WI
(1-2) Kubbicle Nation – Minneapolis, MN
(0-3) Sporting Wood – Minneapolis, MN

(2-1) Team Feathers – Des Moines, IA
(1-2) Kingdom Kubbers – Lakeville, MN
(3-0) Eye of the Liger – Chaska, MN
(0-3) Wild Things, Minneapolis, MN

(3-0) The Ringers – Eau Claire, WI
(0-3) Pubb – Minneapolis, MN
(2-1) Ya Sure Ya Betcha Kubbers – Lakeville, MN
(1-2) Alltid Voltsom – Twin Cites, MN

(3-0) Los Padres – Des Moines, IA
(2-1) Loki’s Crew – Chaska, MN
(0-3) Puppies Puppies Puppies – Twin Cities, MN
(1-2) Doomed Nubbs Kubb Club – Minneapolis, MN

(3-0) Lakerol Originals – Minnetonka, MN
(1-2) NW MN Kubb – Thief River Falls, MN
(2-1) Kubb’s Your Daddy – Minneapolis, MN
(0-3) Settlers of Baton – Minneapolis, MN

(3-0) Wolfpack – Twin Cities, MN
(1-2) Broken Record – St. Paul, MN
(0-3) Kubbra Kai – Minneapolis,Wild Things – Minneapolis, MN
(2-1) Suk Face – St. Paul, MN


The Tournament has been moved to Theodore Wirth Park! Up to date information can be found on the Loppet Website. Items listed in red have changed because of the venue change to Theodore Wirth Park. Please read information regarding parking carefully. 


There is no parking in Theodore Wirth Park. All roads in and out of the park will be accessible only by convenient shuttle between 9a.m. and 11p.m. on Saturday. Shuttles will run frequently with wait times under 10 minutes.

Parking Lots

Parking is free in these two lots all day Saturday. 

Mortenson Construction parking lot

Optum Health parking lot

Shuttles will run from the two parking lots listed to the Main Chalet at Theodore Wirth Park. There will be plenty of signs and volunteers to help you find the Kubb Tournament once you arrive at the Chalet.


From the East:

I-94 West to I-394 West. Take MN-100 North and exit on MN-55. Head East for Mortenson Construction Lot or West for Optum Health Lot.

From the South:

I-35 North to MN-62 West. Take MN-100 North and exit on MN-55. Head East for Mortenson Construction Lot or West for Optum Health Lot.


Minnesota Kubb is excited to partner with the City of Lakes Loppet for this year’s winter kubb tournament. The Minnesota Kubb Loppet Tournament is the largest winter tournament in the United States. All ages and abilities are welcome for this unique and fun event. Proceeds go to the Nordic Ski Foundation, dedicated to promoting and supporting cross country skiing in the Minneapolis area – especially among inner-city youth.

Tournament pitches will be set up as part of the new City of Lakes Loppet in Theodore Wirth Park. Additional pitches will be available for non-participants to learn and play the game. Find one of our Kubb Ambassadors who can explain the game and get you started on your own game. Fire pits will be available to warm up participants and spectators. Hot cocoa, beer, food and bathrooms facilities will be available throughout the day.


$40 per team. Includes access to Post-Luminary Tent Party. Register here.


1st Place Loppet Medal – $250
2nd Place Loppet Medal – $100
3rd Place Loppet Medal – $50

There will be a short awards ceremony immediately following the conclusion of the Championship Match. The top three teams will receive medals and their cash prize. This year’s winner will once again receive a unique trophy designed by Roxie Speth and Tom Lubanovic. Teams finishing 1st through 4th will receive the top seeds in the 2013 Loppet Kubb Tournament.


10:00a.m.                          Check-in
10:45a.m.                          Welcome, Rule Review & Pitch Assignments
11:00a.m. – 1:45p.m.        Round Robin
1:45p.m. – 2:00p.m.          Tiebreak Throw-off Round
2:15p.m. – 3:30p.m.          Round of 16
3:45p.m. – 5:15p.m.          Quarterfinals
5:30p.m. – 7:15p.m.          Semifinals
7:30p.m.                            Finals


See Group listings below. 32 Teams are placed in groups of four. Teams will consist of 2-6 players. No player may throw more than 3 batons and all players must throw at least 1 baton. Teams will play three matches in the Round Robin, one against each of the other three teams in their group. Teams finishing 1st and 2nd in each group will advance to the Championship Bracket. Teams finishing 3rd and 4th will move on to the Consolation Bracket. All matches are best-of-three games and will follow World Championship Rules . (See below for Tiebreak Scenario)

Championship Bracket

The Championship Bracket will be played as a single elimination knockout tournament with the winner of each match (best-of-three games) advancing to play the next opponent.

Consolation Bracket

The Consolation Bracket will be played as a single elimination knockout tournament with the winner of each match advancing to play the next opponent. NOTE: All Consolation Bracket matches will consist of only one game and are not subject to the time limits of the Championship Bracket.

Time Limits

In keeping with our goal of offering a unique kubb experience while maintaining a competitive tournament for participants, time restrictions are necessary to ensure the semifinal and final matches are played on time, coinciding with the Luminary Loppet. Championship Bracket matches not completed by their designated ending times will be determined by the tiebreak rule. All Championship Bracket rounds will start at the designated times listed on the schedule, even if both teams from the previous round have advanced. The purpose of this is to avoid excessive downtime for teams if one side of the bracket is getting too far ahead of the other.

Round Robin Tiebreak Scenario

The following explanation is to break a tie in the Round Robin stage to determine which 2 teams move on to the Championship Bracket if, after all Round Robin matches are complete, a tie exists between three teams.


Team                  W      L

Team A               2       1
Team B               2       1
Team C               2       1
Team D               0       3

Teams A, B, and C will compete in a throw-off to determine which teams advance. See Below for Throw-off details.

Championship Bracket Tiebreak Scenario

The following explanation is to determine which team moves on if a Championship Bracket match is not completed at the end of the designated time. Match winners will be determined in the following order:

Games won – If Team A is leading Team B by one game to zero, Team A will advance.

Kubbs remaining on the baseline – If Team A and Team B are tied one game to one game, or zero games to zero games, the team with the most kubbs remaining on their baseline will advance.

Throw-off – If Team A and Team B are tied one game to one game, or zero games to zero games, and both teams have the same amount of base kubbs remaining, the winner of the Throw-off will advance.


A throw-off consists of each team throwing 6 shots from their base line trying to knock over as many kubbs as they can. The two teams knocking over the most kubbs will advance to the Championship Bracket. In this example, if Team A knocks over 3 kubbs in the throw-off and Teams B and C both knock over 2 kubbs, Team A will advance to the Championship Bracket as the group winner. Teams B and C would then throw again with the winner moving on to the Championship Bracket as the group runner-up. As is the case for match play, no player may throw more than 3 batons during a throw-off and all players must throw at least 1 baton.


There will be food/drink vendors near the pitches on Lake Street just north of the Snow Sculpting Contest. Additionally, there are several restaurants on Lake Street east of Lake Calhoun along the race course.

Surly Brewing will be selling their delicious beverages on the patio of Tin Fish Restaurant overlooking the pitches. Just a heads up that Luminary Loppet skiers receive a free beer for participating in their event and will start flowing into the beer garden after 6:00pm. Surly will continue to sell beer, but the garden will be busy with people drinking free Surly and watching the kubb matches!


Groups and brackets will be posted roughly a week before the tournament at www.minnesotakubb.com.


2011 Tournament Results